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TRAZER in the Know

TRAZER in the Know

July 5th - 9th, 2021


The New Interface

TRAZER's Interface has been completely reimagined. The redesigned Activity Library helps you can find what you need fast, whether by filtering activities to narrow the selection or searching using key words. Now with enhanced instructional graphics, navigation and ease-of-use for new Users is simple.

Beyond that, new capabilities like User Overview and Site Leaderboard show a User's lifetime data including time, distance, calories, targets, and more, as well as ranking the top 5 Users at your site.

Click here to watch our TRAZER+ software tutorial and scroll to see a preview of the new interface.

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TRAZER+ in Action

Dr. Mike Voight and TRAZER CEO Barry French reveal new TRAZER+ software and interface at 2021 ICCUS Society of Sports Rehabilitation.

"TRAZER’s software and reporting will give me analytics on how quick the User takes the first step in the direction toward the bumper, tracking the reaction to the stimulus, as well as how quickly the User can accelerate to top speed. I will also be able to see a deceleration or directional deficit quotient." - Dr. Mike Voight, DPT OCS, SCS, ATC, Professor, Department of Physical Therapy, Belmont University, Nashville, TN


Explore TRAZER+

Navigation -- What's new?

✔️ A new side panel lets you easily navigate the software

✔️ Search activity library

✔️ Activity library categorized by type

✔️ Overview summarizes a User's lifetime activity

✔️ Site leaderboard ranks Users

✔️ Create + update Users in settings

✔️ Click side arrows to browse a category

✔️ Click filter to narrow category

Activities + Customization -- What's new?

✔️ Click to view a preview of the activity

✔️ The left side shows the number of steps and description

✔️ The right shows all of the steps and their instructions

✔️ If needed, steps can be turned on, off, or skipped

✔️ Activity scene can be changed to football field, baseball field, beach, gym, hockey rink, tennis court

✔️ Option to turn off the grid

✔️ Drills can be further customized in settings

Data + Visuals -- What's new?

✔️ Drill preview icons depict movement patterns within the field of play

✔️ Same data, new look

✔️ Search and select report type from navigation top tabs

✔️ View metrics from selected report by using the secondary navigation tab

✔️ Hover over a graphical point to view data

✔️ Easily view all, completed, or partial tests

✔️ Scroll navigation function to view more tests

✔️ Click "compare" to compare data of 2 tests

✔️ Green data analytics show improvement, red data analytics shows degradation


And these are just a few sneak-peeks...

Know more, see more, do more with TRAZER+.

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