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TRAZER in the Know

TRAZER in the Know

November 29 - December 3, 2021


How to Bring in Ideal Clients with Outreach Events

Part of making an impact with TRAZER is creating the ultimate User experience in your clinics. Over the next several weeks, our Director of Marketing, Courtney Shale, will teach you everything you need to know about how to bring in new clients with TRAZER. Watch the fourth video here.

So, what does the ultimate User experience look like?

Fun. Engaging. Interactive. Gamified.

Bringing TRAZER into your clinic not only makes you stand out, but it makes what you do that much more valuable to your end user. Creating a space of encouragement and good energy naturally draws in the Users' focus, leading to optimal results for everyone involved.

Marketing TRAZER in your clinic is simple.

  • Implement social media marketing posts that highlight how you use TRAZER in your clinic and why your target Users should be excited to try the technology
  • Schedule local outreach pop-up screens in your community to bring awareness to your practice and showcase how your clinic implements TRAZER into each User's plan of care
  • Plan in-house events to invite the community into your space for a site tour, highlight your services, and give a live demonstration of TRAZER

Contact Courtney, TRAZER's Director of Marketing, to discuss a personalized marketing plan for your clinic.


Telling Your Clients' Stories

Telling your clients' stories is a powerful way to engage your audience and draw in new business. The more your audience knows about what you do, the better. Help celebrate memorable milestones with a storytelling post. Below is an example.

Meet Olivia - Olivia is 6, and on the autism spectrum. She has difficulty with social situations, sometimes acting impulsively with trouble regulating her emotions, and occasionally stumbles on her words when trying to communicate. Olivia frequently struggles with coordination, and her parents shared they notice her frustrations with her lack of independence and searched to find a solution she would feel comfortable with.

As part of the ongoing support systems Olivia's parents have set up, she sometimes uses TRAZER to help improve her cognitive functioning. The joy these sessions have brought Olivia doesn't go unnoticed, and she has seen continuous success with improving coordination. Her parents often share how they are thankful to see her have fun while playing on TRAZER while being able to track her progress over time.

We are proud to tell Olivia's story. Without our partners and their belief in TRAZER, we wouldn't have the opportunity to empower children through their stages of development.

Interested in the impact you can make on your families with TRAZER? 
 We will show you how with a live demo.


Partner Spotlight: FYZICAL Omaha

Partner Spotlight -- FYZICAL Omaha

FYZICAL is like the Disneyland of Physical Therapy. We asked Risa Hofmeister and Mike Bryant what their “success habits” were – what they did to differentiate themselves from other practices in their space.

Mike explained that “… Our PTs have the best tools at hand so that they can provide the best therapy in town. TRAZER is the future of physical therapy. Patients can go online and do their own exercises without coming to the clinic. We can get them to 80% with traditional therapy. TRAZER is what takes them to 100% - and maybe even better than they were pre-injury...”

He believes that TRAZER was a huge evolutionary leap. Here's a visual:

In this photo, FYZICAL Omaha is working with a young soccer player to train and assess reaction time, agility, quickness, and speed during a TRAZER assessment. Once the User starts an activity, a virtual avatar appears on screen that mimics their own movements in real-time. During the activity, cues will appear on screen that the User will react and move to in free space with no connections on the body.

After an assessment is completed, TRAZER's vital movement measurement analytics provide objective data to the User, their clinician, physical therapist, or athletic trainer to make decisions about the User's health and performance over time in four key areas:





Learn more about how FYZICAL uses TRAZER by visiting their website.


TRAZER Wants to Put You in the Spotlight

In appreciation of our partnership, the TRAZER team wants to put you and your organization in the spotlight! Here's how to get featured:

✔️Submit a photo or video of your TRAZER set-up

✔️Submit a video of one of your Users on TRAZER with you or a member of your team explaining what the User is doing, how you use TRAZER, and/or why you use TRAZER

✔️Submit video testimonials of you/your team and/or Users explaining why they enjoy using TRAZER

You can submit your content here.



National Scouting Combine 2022

March 1-4, 2022

Details coming soon.


TRAZER University

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