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TRAZER in the Know

TRAZER in the Know

February 7-11, 2022


TRAZER for Rehabilitation

Measurement and improvement of movement skills form the core of virtually every orthopedic rehabilitation or training program.

TRAZER allows clinicians to view and progress patient inabilities resulting from workplace injuries, sports injuries, and from disease states, such as arthritis, obesity, heart disease, diabetes, as well as from stroke, Parkinson’s and other neurological disorders.

And because TRAZER is User-Driven, it is appropriate for every patient, whether they are using walkers, braces or crutches, as well as for the elite athlete returning to play.

It's simple to grow your PT practice with TRAZER. We'll show you how with a demo.

The TRAZER Difference in Modern Healthcare

Vital Technology for Healthcare

Improved results. More referrals. Increased ROI on sessions.

Objective + Actionable results.

TRAZER’s rehabilitation programs for Concussion, Knee, Ankle, Hip, Balance and Vestibular follow the “progressive return to function / play” model. Each module features  six levels of scripted, interactive activities beginning with very low amplitude, subtle movements for the newly weight-bearing to full range of motion challenges. TRAZER’s extraordinarily low perceived exertion rate engages your patients, leading to longer and harder work sessions, resulting in stronger recovery over a compressed time frame.


Engage Your Local Community with

PT-Focused Outreach Event

Part of making an impact with TRAZER is creating the ultimate User experience in your practice. So, what does the ultimate User experience look like?

Fun. Engaging. Interactive. Gamified.

Implementing TRAZER in your practice not only makes you stand out, it makes what you do that much more valuable to your patient. Vest your patient with objective goals and compare performance from time to time or over time to keep them engaged and motivated to come to therapy and to do their very best. Creating a space of encouragement and good energy naturally draws in the patient's focus, leading to optimal results for everyone involved.

Marketing TRAZER in your practice is simple.

Create Buzz on your training floor with the TRAZER Challenge of the Week. Set up competitions with your patients - for the highest score, the fastest reaction time, the farthest distance covered - and feel the energy build. Here come the referrals...

Implement social media marketing posts that highlight how you use TRAZER in your practice and why your target Users should be excited to try the technology.

Schedule local outreach pop-up screens in your community to bring awareness to your practice and showcase how your clinic implements TRAZER into each User's plan of care.

Plan in-house events to invite the community into your space for a site tour, highlight your services, and give a live demonstration of TRAZER.

Learn more about how to maximize social media to bring in ideal clients, and leverage your online presence by using our Social Media Toolkit.

Contact Courtney, TRAZER's Director of Marketing, to discuss a personalized marketing plan for your practice.


TRAZER Interviews

University of Alabama's Jeff Allen

Members of the TRAZER team had the pleasure of interviewing long-time TRAZER family member and Associate Athletic Director - Sports Medicine University of Alabama Football, 6x Collegiate National Champion, Jeff Allen.

Tune in to hear more about Jeff's history with TRAZER and how the University of Alabama football team excels in sports performance and rehabilitation.


TRAZER Wants to Put You in the Spotlight

In appreciation of our partnership, the TRAZER team wants to put you and your organization in the spotlight! Here's how to get featured:

✔️Submit a photo or video of your TRAZER set-up

✔️Submit a video of one of your Users on TRAZER with you or a member of your team explaining what the User is doing, how you use TRAZER, and/or why you use TRAZER

✔️Submit video testimonials of you/your team and/or Users explaining why they enjoy using TRAZER

You can submit your content here.



National Scouting Combine 2022

March 1-4, 2022

Details coming soon.


TRAZER University

Are you a current TRAZER client? Have you signed-up for TRAZER University yet? If not, please contact us here.


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