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TRAZER in the Know

TRAZER in the Know

September 13-17, 2021


LSU's Star Defensive End BJ Ojulari Signs NIL Deal with TRAZER

"Whatever you want to do, just believe you can do it... and by the grace of God, you will do it" said Bolanle, the mother of LSU's star defensive end BJ Ojulari, as he forged his own path with football, and ultimately toward a journey that could lead to the glory of the NFL. Ojulari is the grandson of a Nigerian Prince, descendant of a King, Brother of an NFL linebacker and a key pass rusher for the Tigers who was brought up under the influence of inspiration from his royal grandfather, Twins Seven-Seven. "You are a prince," Twins Seven-Seven said, "Whatever you want to achieve, go and get it. Whatever you want to be, go be." It is because of Ojulari's dedication and successes that he crossed paths with TRAZER, connecting with our team over leaving a mark on this world through positive impact.

In integration with the talents of the LSU coaching staff, TRAZER is a vital game changing technology that drives optimized movement and performance. Ojulari's interest in technology and desire to leave a legacy aligns with TRAZER's vision, and we are honored to play a role in his future endeavors both on and off the field.

“I’m focused on getting better every day. Learning about new technologies like TRAZER that can improve not only my performance but is also making an impact for so many others as well is exciting. I look forward to working with the TRAZER team on future development and ways continuously improve the experience," said Ojulari.

Barry French, TRAZER CEO said “BJ’s character, personality and work ethic are going to lead to a lot of wins on and off the field. BJ’s passion and energy for the game are contagious and motivate his teammates and those around him. It was awesome talking with him and hearing his story and goals. We couldn’t be more excited to work, grow and support him along his journey.”

Our team looks forward to celebrating all Ojulari's successes into the future, and we are proud to support him on his journey.


TRAZER + Paralympics

The Moving Moments as the Paralympics Ended | Sights from Tokyo as the 2021 Games wrapped up.

At TRAZER, we have had a great opportunity to work with some of the Paralympians through working with the Invictus Games and Wounded Warriors. Seeing the achievements from the recent games should be an inspiration for every athlete and every individual to push beyond the boundaries.

As a vital game-changing technology that drives optimized movement and performance one User at a time, we will never stop looking for ways to be a part of the journey for everyone to achieve their goals. Find out how the TRAZER experience can be part of your programs today.


TRAZER + World ALZ Month

September is World ALZ Month, and TRAZER's continuous innovation stands out in the senior living space for positively impacting the livelihood, wellbeing, and longevity of seniors in our partnered communities.

Earlier this year we had the pleasure of hosting a webinar on the topic of "The Future of Senior Living, Healthcare, and Technology" with Senior Living Executive, Josh Crisp of Solinity. You can learn more about Josh and Solinity, as well as catch the replay with the link below. Here are some highlights from the webinar from Dr. Eric M. DeYoung, TRAZER President and COO's, perspective:

Today there are several neuro-cognitive related diseases that can slowly lead to diminished functional movement resulting in falls, injuries, fatigue, and ultimately lack of independence.

Over the years of my clinical practice, I observed TRAZER being utilized in Memory Care communities where residents may be living with Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Traumatic Brain Injuries, Stroke, and other brain related pathologies requiring constant healthcare support and care.

It is unfortunate to see so many seniors living in an environment where their independence is limited, their mobility is limited, and they are at risk of injuries to themselves because they spend so little time being mobile.

TRAZER brings a new element to their daily tasks. It engages them in a safe and purposeful augmented reality encouraging functional movement patterns, stimulating neurotransmitters and feel-good hormones, elevating their heart rate, and providing them with a fun therapeutic activity.

I have seen improvement in body postures, biomechanics, smiles on otherwise flat affective faces, laughter, stimulated conversations, reductions in falls and an overall sense of heightened enthusiasm. Family members and care providers report reductions in negative behaviors, reduced outbursts, improved speech and verbal interactions, diminished tremors, increased appetites, better sleep patterns and safer ambulation.

There is no doubt in my mind that TRAZER provides a holistic value to the lives our our Seniors and those learning to live with chronic neuro-cognitive diseases. It has been said many times over; “movement is medicine” and TRAZER is the perfect prescription.

Watch the replay and learn more about the science behind TRAZER, and our research and dedication to senior care.


How to Best Market TRAZER in Your Clinic


Part of making an impact with TRAZER is creating the ultimate User experience in your clinics. So, what does the ultimate User experience look like?

Fun. Engaging. Interactive. Gamified.

Bringing TRAZER into your clinic not only makes you stand out, but it makes what you do that much more valuable to your end user. Creating a space of encouragement and good energy naturally draws in the Users' focus, leading to optimal results for everyone involved.

Marketing TRAZER in your clinic is simple.

  • Implement social media marketing posts that highlight how you use TRAZER in your clinic and why your target Users should be excited to try the technology
  • Schedule local outreach pop-up screens in your community to bring awareness to your practice and showcase how your clinic implements TRAZER into each Users plan of care
  • Plan in-house events to invite the community into your space for a site tour, highlight your services, and give a live demonstration of TRAZER

Contact Courtney, TRAZER's Director of Marketing, to discuss a personalized marketing plan for your clinic.


TRAZER Wants to Put You in the Spotlight

In appreciation of our partnership, the TRAZER team wants to put you and your organization in the spotlight! Here's how to get featured:

✔️Submit a photo or video of your TRAZER set-up

✔️Submit a video of one of your Users on TRAZER with you or a member of your team explaining what the User is doing, how you use TRAZER, and/or why you use TRAZER

✔️Submit video testimonials of you/your team and/or Users explaining why they enjoy using TRAZER

You can submit your content here.



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