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TRAZER in the Know

TRAZER in the Know

November 1-5, 2021


How to Bring in New Clients with TRAZER

Part of making an impact with TRAZER is creating the ultimate User experience in your clinics. Over the next several weeks, our Director of Marketing, Courtney Shale, will teach you everything you need to know about how to bring in new clients with TRAZER. Watch the second video here.

So, what does the ultimate User experience look like?

Fun. Engaging. Interactive. Gamified.

Bringing TRAZER into your clinic not only makes you stand out, but it makes what you do that much more valuable to your end user. Creating a space of encouragement and good energy naturally draws in the Users' focus, leading to optimal results for everyone involved.

Marketing TRAZER in your clinic is simple.

  • Implement social media marketing posts that highlight how you use TRAZER in your clinic and why your target Users should be excited to try the technology
  • Schedule local outreach pop-up screens in your community to bring awareness to your practice and showcase how your clinic implements TRAZER into each User's plan of care
  • Plan in-house events to invite the community into your space for a site tour, highlight your services, and give a live demonstration of TRAZER

Contact Courtney, TRAZER's Director of Marketing, to discuss a personalized marketing plan for your clinic.


Creating Video Content

Video content is the future of modern marketing, engaging your audience faster and giving them a visual representation of what you do and why you do it.

Recording videos of your Users, with consent of course, couldn't be easier with today's technology. Simply record on your phone and easily post to your social platforms. For additional exposure, send your videos to Courtney, TRAZER's Director of Marketing, and she will put you in the spotlight on our social media as well.

Below is an example from X3 Performance and Physical Therapy:

Reposting this awesome video from our friends at X3 Performance and Physical Therapy! X3 is using TRAZER to help athletes and personal training clients get to the next level whether their goals are performance, rehabilitation, or general wellness related.

We look forward to seeing more behind-the-scenes of the X3 team working with their elite athletes and training clients! With a goal-oriented approach, we are confident TRAZER will be the perfect addition to their custom programming.


Telling Your Clients' Stories

Telling your clients' stories is a powerful way to engage your audience and draw in new business. The more your audience knows about what you do, the better. Help celebrate memorable milestones with a storytelling post. Below is an example.

Meet Camilla - Camilla is 24, an aspiring dancer who recently experienced a life-altering car accident on her way to a rehearsal. With dreams of making it to a big stage performance one day, she practices 7 days a week outside of her professional life. Camilla has always been considered a star by her parents, who constantly reflect on her passion for performing, even if only to pretend fans in her bedroom when she was little.

"The recovery was hard and took months and I felt like I had to learn to walk again. But, because of my doctor, I found TRAZER. The detailed assessments and rehab programming I did with TRAZER not only helped me heal faster, but it also gave me the confidence I needed to feel like myself again. I found hope again. I started feeling more like...well, me. I felt like I could still chase all my dreams and was more determined than ever to get back to the stage".

We are proud to tell Camilla's story. Without our partners and their belief in TRAZER, we wouldn't have the opportunity to inspire others to chase after their wildest dreams.


Celebrating TRAZER-Changed Lives in 2021

2021 has been nothing short of impactful, and what better way to celebrate the growing TRAZER family than by making a compilation of all the lives changed across the country and abroad?

To take part in the celebration, we are asking our partners to submit any photo and video of their athletes, patients, clients, and residents actively on TRAZER and share how TRAZER has made an impact on their life so we can feature them in our end-of-the-year TRAZER "Thank You" video.

We ask that our partners request permission from their athletes, patients, clients, and residents to be featured in our video. When you are ready, click here to submit your photos and/or videos, and details on TRAZER's impact. You may, and are encouraged to, make multiple submissions over the next couple weeks!

Submissions are due by 11/19 to be included in our video.

Please reach out to TRAZER's Director of Marketing, Courtney Shale, with any questions.


TRAZER Wants to Put You in the Spotlight

In appreciation of our partnership, the TRAZER team wants to put you and your organization in the spotlight! Here's how to get featured:

✔️Submit a photo or video of your TRAZER set-up

✔️Submit a video of one of your Users on TRAZER with you or a member of your team explaining what the User is doing, how you use TRAZER, and/or why you use TRAZER

✔️Submit video testimonials of you/your team and/or Users explaining why they enjoy using TRAZER

You can submit your content here.



National Scouting Combine 2022

March 1-4, 2022

Details coming soon.


TRAZER University

Are you a current TRAZER client? Have you signed-up for TRAZER University yet? If not, please contact us here.


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